Tuesday, 4 June 2019

Weddings: Prepare, Plan, and Put Your Feet Up

Weddings are by far some of the most beautiful and iconic events in the history of humanity. There’s truly something to say for a ceremony that has perpetuated throughout time for as long as it has.

While the topic itself can be controversial depending on the “meaning” of the wedding, be it religious or otherwise, the fact that two people (and sometimes more!) come together to be “bonded” with one another is a beautiful thing that shouldn’t be kept from anyone.

Of course, if you choose not to wed at any point in your life, that’s just as beautiful and respectable as a couple who prefers to be united.

The ceremony itself seems to be pretty straightforward and even predictable at first, considering a large portion of people follow one “mold” to which they feel they fit for a ceremony. But there are those of us who prefer to break away from the pack and change up the formula for our own sakes.

I want to note that no matter which camp you fall under, you should be prepared, have everything roughly planned out (or planned out to the exact T, if you will), and you should be happy. One thing individuals always seem to forget is to not stress for such a momentous, beautiful, and important day.

While some people are too carefree, more often than not people aren’t carefree enough. There become times when the latter experience can ruin one’s wedding and sometimes even their marriage itself.

So how do you avoid overplanning and overreaching? To me, it comes down to having family and friends who know you best and can read what’s needed in the situation. If you’re worried someone is going to be over the top or do something wrong, it shouldn’t be your problem to fix it during YOUR wedding. Having others on top of things, though, truly helps to ease your own emotional distress.

Another thing to keep in mind is having the right tools and supplies (office supplies and packaging supplies) at the ready when they’re needed. For example, I saw someone have the absolute perfect use of packing tape the other day at an outdoor wedding I was attending when the wind took hold of the head table’s table cloth and almost rip it completely off the table! It even managed to throw the marriage license papers into a state of disarray, which is definitely something a bride or groom may stress about. But the attendant happened to have the right tape at the ready and was able to securely fasten the tablecloth so that everything still was functional and looked gorgeous. Whether you bring your own packing tape or other packaging supplies is up to you!

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