Tuesday, 4 June 2019

Tackling Larger Tasks

Home projects can be quite a pain, a chore, and a luxury considering the time and money that is usually needed to carry out bigger crafts and ideas.

For the most part, the majority of people would say they’re looking forward to working on a certain project around the house. The problem is that most people have 5 to 10 things on a list of projects that they haven’t begun to even tackle the smaller ones.

Basically, it all boils down to good intentions but not enough action taken. But can we blame all those people? Can we blame ourselves when time is money in this fast paced society full of long work days and not enough time to just relax? No, we really can’t blame everyone like this.

The thing everyone should keep in mind is that time isn’t always money if you think of time spent on a project as a hobby or even as a bonding experience with your partner or kids. So rather than the task or project being similar to hard work and stress filled days, it becomes a beautiful thing of leisure and fun with other people you love. And if you can acquire the right office supplies or packaging supplies (like whiteboards and markers to keep track of chores and tasks), you’re really on your way to a better and more organized home.

To me, that’s the key right there to not just home projects and menial chores but also everyday things like cooking or driving to the grocery. If you can do these things with your partner, your friends, your family, your kids, whoever, they suddenly become better and easier to do. They become more fun. They become “not work”, and that’s the biggest thing right there to actually accomplishing them.

This is how I feel like I consistently do the things that need doing, like picking up the house, sweeping the floors, keeping an eye on the budget, and cooking meals every evening. Like I said, I have a whiteboard for lists and cardboard boxes for organized storage, so you too can get those packaging supplies and stay on top of things. I also do those things with my girlfriend, so they suddenly feel a lot less like time-invested tasks and instead become fun things I can accomplish with her. We talk, we screw around, we act silly, and we ultimately get things done.

That’s all it really takes in handling daily tasks: a shift in your mindset. So who’s to say you can’t do the same thing with a weekend project for your home? Who’s to say you can’t look at it as a time to drink a few beers, put in some hard-earned sweat equity, hang out with a friend, brother, your child, or your spouse, and get it all done?

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